EN 137:2006 TYPE 2



Approved to EN137:2006 Type 2, the Scott Sigma 2 Type 2 is an open circuit, self-contained, compressed air breathing apparatus which proven durability, reliability and appeal is confirmed by an extensive user base who demand a combination of maximum performance and true operational simplicity. It consists of a back plate, carrying harness and pneumatic system, containing a reducer with integrated cylinder connector, pressure gauge, whistle and demand valve. It combines the highest level of respiratory protection in a simple to operate, cost effective piece of equipment that meets the needs of Industrial and Marine fire fighters.



– Proven high performance pneumatic system

– Compact first breath activated demand valve with bypass

– Ergonomically designed lightweight backplate and type 2 harness

– Kevlar blend flame retardant webbing with Kevlar cylinder band

– Wide choice of facemasks from the Vision 3, Promask PP and Panaseal ranges

– Corrosion resistant Nickel plated components

– Simple operation for users

– All components are user serviceable, low cost and easy to maintain

– Will accept wide range of 200 and 300 bar cylinders

– Approved to the MED as a Type 2 set

– It is specifically designed as a Marine/Industrial Fire Fighting SCBA, but is also suitable for providing respiratory protection in any IDLH environment