Portable Air Sources



Built to the high standards Scott Safety customers have come to expect from their trusted air-supplied respirator manufacturer, the Mobile Air Carts have a robust, durable design for continuous, reliable performance. The carts provide an uninterrupted source of breathing air for up to four airline respirator users. The Mobile Air Cart is a choice portable air supply solution to support NIOSH-approved respirators employed in such applications as plant maintenance operations, confi ned space entry, HazMat operations and construction activities.



The Scott Safety Mobile Air Carts are equipped with:

  • Large wheels, a portable lightweight design and a low center of gravity for ease of mobility and maneuverability
  • Compact frame with retractable handle for easy storage and enhanced portability
  • High-pressure inlet supply connector enables use of a high-pressure air supply such as a compressor or cascade system
  • Fail-safe-open, sealed regulator for dependable and reliable outlet pressure adjustment
  • Available in two-outlet or four-outlet easily accessible airline respirator connections
  • Loud, pneumatic whistle audibly alarms user when cylinder pressure is low
  • Optional two-tool supply manifold on four-outlet cart, check-valve internally to prevent contamination of respirator manifolds
  • Now manufactured for use with 2216, 4500 and the new Scott 5500 psi cylinders